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Artemis Resources Secures Government Funding for Lulu Creek Drill Program

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Artemis Resources Ltd (ATY.F) has announced the successful acquisition of AUD82,500 in funding from the Western Australian government’s Exploration Incentive Scheme (EIS) for its Lulu Creek gold project. The EIS funding will support a comprehensive reverse circulation drilling program aimed at the highly prospective gold targets within the area.

Drilling Program Advances at Lulu Creek

Artemis plans to utilize the funds to drill test the induced polarisation conductivity and resistivity anomalies recently identified. Executive Director George Ventouras expressed excitement about the grant, recognizing it as a testament to Lulu Creek’s potential. He emphasized the company’s eagerness to explore the targets and contribute to the narrative of the West Pilbara as a premier mineral exploration hub.

The company’s commitment to advancing its exploration efforts at Lulu Creek underscores the region’s growing reputation in the global mining sector. With the government’s backing, Artemis is poised to further uncover the project’s value and strengthen its position in the industry.

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