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Volt Lithium Expands to Enable North American Oilfield Brine Processing

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Volt Lithium (VLTLF) has announced the completion of its reservoir analysis, paving the way for a 20,000 tonnes per annum lithium plant at Rainbow Lake.

Advancements and Outcomes

Significant advancements, learnings from the Demonstration Plant, and confirmed capital and operating costs will provide valuable insights for the completion of our Rainbow Lake PEA.

Volt aims to publish the PEA by November 2023. This will potentially speed up commercial operations as results and technological advances from the Demonstration Plant can be integrated in real-time.

Volt’s Mission and Strategy

Volt, a lithium development and technology company, aspires to be North America’s first commercial producer of lithium hydroxide and lithium carbonates from oilfield brine. The company’s strategy is to leverage management’s hydrocarbon experience and existing infrastructure to extract lithium deposits from existing wells. This approach reduces capital costs, lowers risks, and supports the global clean energy transition.

With four differentiating pillars and a proprietary Direct Lithium Extraction (DLE) technology and process, Volt’s innovative development approach aims for the highest lithium recoveries at the lowest costs. This positions the company favorably for future commercialization. Volt is committed to operating efficiently and transparently, focusing on creating long-term, sustainable shareholder value.

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