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Eramet’s Strategic Acquisition of Own Shares for Employee Bonus Allocation

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Eramet SA (ER7.F) has announced the acquisition of 14,500 of its own shares. This move is in line with the allocation of bonus shares under the French Commercial Code’s Articles L. 225-197-1 et seq., L. 22-10-59, and L. 22-10-60. The shares are intended for free allocation to employees and corporate officers.

Details of the Share Purchase

The detailed information about this share purchase, which took place in the week of October 16, 2023, is available.

Eramet’s Mission and Commitment

Eramet is dedicated to transforming Earth’s mineral resources into sustainable and responsible solutions. These solutions address the industry’s growth and the challenges of the energy transition. The company’s employees are committed to this mission in all countries where the mining and metallurgical group operates.

Contribution to a Sustainable World

Eramet recovers and develops essential metals like manganese, nickel, mineral sands, lithium, and cobalt. These metals are crucial for building a more sustainable world. As a trusted partner of its industrial clients, Eramet contributes to robust and resistant infrastructures and constructions, efficient mobility means, safer health tools, and more efficient telecommunications devices.

Eramet is fully committed to the era of metals. The company’s ambition is to become a reference for the responsible transformation of Earth’s mineral resources for living well together.

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