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E3 Lithium’s Successful Initial Field Pilot Plant Tests: Key Results

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E3 Lithium (ETL.V) has announced the successful completion of its initial field pilot plant tests, surpassing the set KPIs.

Three tests were conducted, each varying in operating conditions to optimize cycle time, flow rate ratio, and cycle duration. Test 1 yielded the highest product quality, with a higher lithium concentration and fewer impurities. However, Test 2 achieved the highest flow rate ratio and optimized cycle duration. Despite lower product quality, Test 2’s results significantly exceeded the KPI success criteria, making it a preferable commercial design trade-off.

Implications of Test Results

The results of these tests have prompted E3 Lithium to extend the operating period under Test 2 conditions. The company will continue to monitor and verify the results of this extended period.

The successful tests have a significant positive impact on E3 Lithium’s project, advancing the company’s ability to efficiently and effectively extract lithium from the Leduc brines in Alberta. The lithium recovery was calculated based on the lithium concentration in the brine before and after extraction using the DLE system.

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