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Standard Lithium’s East Texas Program: Highest Grade Lithium Brine in North America

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Standard Lithium (SLI) has announced a significant achievement in its East Texas drilling program. Dr. Andy Robinson, President and COO, expressed excitement over the quality and scale of the lithium brine assets being added.

Unprecedented Lithium Brine Quality

A newly-drilled well in East Texas has yielded a lithium sample of unprecedented quality. According to Dr. Robinson, this sample represents the highest-grade lithium brine concentration in North America. It also confirms that Standard Lithium is securing the highest-grade lithium brine resource outside of Chile and Argentina.

Expanding Footprint in East Texas

Standard Lithium is expanding its footprint in the East Texas Smackover. The company is also de-risking the opportunity with additional drilling, sampling, and definition work. Dr. Robinson anticipates that the East Texas landholdings will form a substantially larger and higher-grade lithium brine project for future production.

Meeting U.S. Demand for Lithium

Standard Lithium aims to meet U.S. demand for lithium over the next decade. The Smackover Formation is North America’s premier lithium brine asset, with grades comparable to certain resources in South America. The company’s projects in Arkansas are also progressing, targeting production of battery quality lithium carbonate and lithium hydroxide.

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