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Spod Lithium Discovers Promising Pegmatite Outcrops at Megali Project, James Bay Quebec

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Spod Lithium Corp. (SPOD.CN) has announced a significant discovery at its Megali Lithium Project in James Bay, Quebec. The exploration update reveals the identification of multiple outcropping pegmatites during an 18-day exploration work.

Block ‘C’ Pegmatite Discovery

The exploration team discovered multiple large pegmatite intrusions on Block ‘C’. These intrusions follow the north-east regional structural trend and can be traced for about 1km along strike. The potential thickness of these intrusions ranges from 10 to 50 metres.

Pegmatite Composition

The identified pegmatites show variable concentrations of potassic feldspar, albitic plagioclase, quartz, and muscovite. Tourmaline and garnet appear as accessory phases. The crystallization texture can be locally very coarse grain with individual crystals reaching 20 cm.

Prospecting Method

The team used a portable XRF to detect the presence of excess Rubidium, an element used to identify the presence of LCT pegmatites. This approach helps identify favorable sectors for lithium mineralization.

About Spod Lithium Corp.

Spod Lithium Corp. is a mineral exploration company focused on the acquisition and development of mineral properties containing battery, base, and precious metals. Its flagship assets are its Lithium properties located in the James Bay region of Quebec and the Nipigon and Niemi region of Ontario, Canada.

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