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Djeleanna Secures $24 Million Contract from Mineral Resources

Mineral Resources (MinRes) has granted a $24 million contract to Indigenous-owned business, Djeleanna Pty Ltd. This is part of the Onslow Iron project.

Details of the Contract

The four-year contract involves exploration earthworks at the Ken’s Bore mine site, east of Onslow. Tasks include constructing access tracks, building drill pads, road maintenance, and general earthworks.

Contract Signing Ceremony

At the ceremony, Djeleanna’s owner, Bevan Wally, presented traditional timber gifts to MinRes Managing Director Chris Ellison. These included boomerangs, a shield, and a long stick.

MinRes’ Commitment to Indigenous Entrepreneurs

“We are proud to partner with businesses like Djeleanna. This contract shows our commitment to empowering Indigenous entrepreneurs,” said Mr Ellison. He added that providing practical guidance and support helps build local capability.

First Contract for Djeleanna

This is the first contract for Djeleanna, a Robe River Kuruma business. It’s also the largest contract MinRes has awarded to an Indigenous-owned business. The Robe River Kuruma people are the traditional owners of the Ken’s Bore mine site.

Employment Opportunities

As part of the contract, Djeleanna will employ about 10 people. These include a project manager, mechanics, operators, and administration staff.

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