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Sigma Lithium Ships 30,000 Tonnes Of Battery Grade Lithium And By-Products; Achieves Net Zero Carbon, Operating Profitability And Premium Pricing

Sigma Lithium achieves operational net zero (carbon neutrality) for its first shipment of battery grade, high purity sustainable lithium by offsetting the remaining “hard to abate” carbon emitted during its production process, both at its Grota do Cirilo mine and at its Greentech Lithium Processing Plant (“Greentech Plant”)

The Company effectively lowered its carbon footprint with a series of pioneering initiatives, paving the way forward for the metals & mining sector, including:


  • Sigma Lithium initiated its first shipment of 30,000 tonnes to be completed July 27
  • Plans next shipment by the end of August 2023 : Ramp-up of Phase 1 production continues to advance well, currently operating at approximately 75% of nameplate throughput capacity
  • Obtained premium pricing calculated at the benchmark of 9% of lithium hydroxide price (average China Japan South Korea ) for both Triple Zero Green Lithium and Triple Zero Green By-Products:


On July 24th, 2023 , Sigma Lithium began trading its Brazilian Depositary Receipts (“BDR”s) on B3, the Brazilian Stock Exchange. This listing was an initiative of the B3 exchange itself, in an effort to make the stock more accessible to Brazilian retail and institutional investors


  • Approved adjustments to the equity incentive plan of the Company (the “2023 Equity Incentive Plan”):
  • Elected the directors of the Company for the ensuing year, to hold office until the next annual meeting of shareholders.

About Sigma Lithium
Sigma Lithium (NASDAQ: SGML, TSXV: SGML, BVMF: S2GM34) is a leading global lithium producer dedicated to powering the next generation of electric vehicle batteries with environmentally sustainable and high-purity lithium.