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Argentina to Begin Lithium Battery Production in September

Argentina, the world’s fourth-largest producer of lithium, is set to begin lithium battery production in September. The country’s first plant for lithium batteries will use metal extracted locally by the U.S. company Livent Corp. The batteries will utilize lithium carbonate extracted by Livent in northern Argentina. This development marks the production of the first lithium-ion battery cells in the country.

The plant was developed by Y-TEC, a unit of the Argentine state oil firm YPF. Roberto Salvarezza, the president of Y-TEC, announced this in a government statement. He emphasized the significance of this step, as it marks the beginning of lithium-ion battery cell production in the country.

Argentina is part of South America’s ‘lithium triangle’, along with Chile and Bolivia. This region holds the world’s largest trove of the ultra-light metal, which is highly coveted for its use in batteries. The country has been attracting investment in this sector, and this move is expected to further boost interest.

Argentina’s Mining Minister, Fernanda Avila, expressed hope that this initiative would serve as an example for future projects. She stated that the development of the supply around mining activity is a priority for their government. The government is optimistic about the potential of this project to stimulate economic growth and create job opportunities.

Livent had agreed earlier this year to supply lithium to the new plant. This agreement is part of a broader strategy to leverage the country’s rich lithium resources and establish Argentina as a key player in the global lithium battery market.



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