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Lithium Corporation Exploration Update on New and Prospective Properties

Lithium Corporation (OTCQB: LTUM), a mineral exploration company focused on energy metals for the North American battery supply chain, has announced updates on exploration activities across its properties.

Lithium Corporation Expands Las Pilas Claim Block

In April 2024, Lithium Corporation introduced Las Pilas, a newly staked claim block with potential fluorspar mineralization. Located near the old Rock Candy fluorspar mine in southern British Columbia, Canada, the claim has expanded significantly and now spans approximately 11,068 acres (4,478 hectares). Geochemical and geological work, including stream geochemical sampling, is ongoing.

Importance of Fluorspar as a Critical Mineral

Fluorine and fluorspar are classified as critical minerals by governments in the United States, Canada, EU, and Australia. Fluorspar derivatives are integral in clean energy technologies, found in electric batteries, solar panels, and hydrogen economy essentials.

Generative Exploration in the Western United States

Generative exploration at Lithium Corporation continues, focusing on copper and rare earth elements (REE) in the western United States. Several prospective sites have been sampled and evaluated to uncover previously unknown mineralizations.

Fish Lake Valley Brine Project Advancements

At the Fish Lake Valley (FLV) brine project in Nevada, Optionee Morella Corporation (ASX: 1MC), utilized helicopter-borne high-resolution magnetic and radiometric survey data from the US Geological Survey (USGS) and US Department of Energy. Airborne LIDAR data has also been collected, providing detailed surface topographic models. The combined data indicate that the FLV project area holds strong similarities to the rift basin hosting lithium brines at Albemarle’s Silver Peak lithium mine.

Strategic Alliances and Leadership Changes

James Brown of Morella Corp. is transitioning out of his role as Interim CEO with Sayona Mining Limited (ASX: SYA), allowing him to focus entirely on advancing Morella’s interests in Lithium Corporation‘s prospects. James Brown also sits on the Boards of Directors for both Lithium Corporation and Sayona Mining.

About Lithium Corporation

Lithium Corporation is a Nevada-based mineral exploration company exploring energy storage related resources in North America. The Company focuses on lithium prospects in Nevada, and titanium, rare earth elements, graphite, and fluorspar properties in British Columbia.

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