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International Battery Metals Launches First Commercial Modular Direct Lithium Extraction Plant

International Battery Metals Ltd. (CSE: IBAT) has commenced operations of its commercial proprietary modular direct lithium extraction (DLE) plant in Utah. This represents the first lithium produced from the only modular DLE operation globally and the first commercial DLE operation in North America.

The commercial facility near Salt Lake City, Utah, is co-located at US Magnesium LLC’s (US Mag) operations and extracts lithium from a byproduct magnesium chloride/lithium chloride brine. IBAT’s modular DLE system, currently on about one acre, is now in production, providing lithium chloride to U.S. Mag. The next step is to expand production by installing additional columns on the same DLE modular platform, targeting a significant capacity increase.

“This achievement is momentous for IBAT and signals an industry transformation to boost lithium production cost-effectively and sustainably. It clears a path for supplies of lower-priced, high-quality lithium for EV batteries and large-scale grid backup battery installations,” said John Burba, founder and chief technology officer of IBAT. “This kicks off a U.S. lithium production renaissance and creates potential for a sea change in global lithium supplies.”

This milestone is the culmination of over four decades of John’s work in lithium extraction, including inventing the first lithium absorbent, used in the world’s first DLE plant at Hombre Muerto in Argentina for FMC Technologies since 1998.

IBAT’s patented technology offers several advantages:

Speed to Market and Scalability

The modular design can bring lithium to market in about 18 months, compared to 5-7 years for a conventional stick-built DLE plant.

Low Cost and Quality

Expected to have among the lowest capex and opex in the industry, IBAT’s technology selectively extracts lithium ions, resulting in high-quality lithium chloride solution for battery-grade lithium production.

Sustainable and Eco-friendly

The proprietary absorbent does not require chemicals in the extraction process. The technology extracts lithium from brine sources and returns the lithium-depleted brine back to its source. Due to an advanced water recovery rate of up to 98%, IBAT’s technology is highly protective of sensitive water resources.

At the Utah operation, IBAT will receive royalties from US Mag from lithium sales and payments for equipment rental based on lithium prices and performance.

This operational milestone coincides with the appointment of incoming IBAT CEO Iris Jancik, who will lead the company’s commercial expansion. IBAT is in discussions with large industrial companies, including automakers and oil and gas majors.

About International Battery Metals Ltd.

International Battery Metals Ltd. is an advanced technology company focused on environmentally responsible lithium extraction from brine. The company’s patented modular DLE plant allows rapid deployment to resource holders’ production sites. IBAT’s technology offers significant initial cost savings and lower operating costs by selectively extracting lithium from brine while efficiently removing contaminants.


John Burba, CTO

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