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MAX Power and Larin Engineering Begin Natural Hydrogen Search in Texas

MAX Power Mining Corp. (MAXX, MAXXF, 89N) and Larin Engineering HHC have commenced a comprehensive Natural Hydrogen study in Texas using proprietary methods. The study aims to prioritize prospective Natural Hydrogen targets for near-term land acquisitions and exploration. This model can be scaled to cover vast sections of the United States.

MAX Power’s first mover leadership in the North American Natural Hydrogen sector is anchored by strategic alliances, including Larin Engineering with offices in Europe and Dubai.

Texas: Potential Natural Hydrogen Leader

Texas is already America’s top producer of manufactured hydrogen and has a vast hydrogen pipeline network stretching 1,600 miles. However, the state has been underexplored for naturally occurring hydrogen gas. Recently, in Mali, a replenishing flow of Natural Hydrogen was converted into emissions-free electricity.

Advantages of Natural Hydrogen

Natural Hydrogen has several advantages over manufactured hydrogen, including lower costs and emissions. According to RystadEnergy, it can have a low carbon intensity with a hydrogen content of 85%. Companies can receive production tax credits under the US Inflation Reduction Act for low-carbon hydrogen production.

MAX Power’s Vision

Mr. Rav Mlait, MAX Power CEO, stated, “Texas is where big things happen. The state’s geology and infrastructure support the potential discovery of America’s first Natural Hydrogen wells.”

Experienced Partners

Larin Engineering of Prague has been researching Natural Hydrogen for 20 years. They are now applying their expertise to the US, contributing significantly to the sector’s growth.

About MAX Power

MAX Power focuses on North America’s shift to decarbonization. The company is a leader in the Natural Hydrogen sector through alliances with Chapman Hydrogen & Petroleum Engineering Ltd. and Larin Engineering HHC. They also hold properties in the US and Canada focused on critical minerals.

On behalf of the Board of Directors,
Rav Mlait – CEO
MAX Power Mining Corp.

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