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MAX Power Launches USA Natural Hydrogen Strategic Alliance

MAX Power Mining Corp. (CSE: MAXX; OTC: MAXXF; FRANKFURT: 89N) has announced a Strategic Alliance with Larin Engineering HHC of Prague, Czech Republic. This alliance aims to target the first accumulations of Natural Hydrogen gas in the United States.

Strategic Alliance for Natural Hydrogen Discoveries

The Larin team has been researching the exploration and commercialization of Natural Hydrogen for 20 years. Their recent success in the first-ever drill program for Natural Hydrogen in the United States has propelled interest in this sector.

Innovative Targeting Techniques

Larin’s techniques will enable the MAX Power-Larin alliance to identify land packages highly prospective for Natural Hydrogen across multiple U.S. states. Work will commence immediately.

Expert Collaboration

Pavel Piankov, General Manager of Larin Engineering, stated that their methods to detect Natural Hydrogen emissions will be crucial in finding significant subsurface sources. He expressed excitement working with MAX Power, which has a strong operating history in the U.S.

A Visionary Approach

Vladimir N. Larin’s research suggested the earth contains more hydrogen than previously believed, forming compounds called hydrides. Recent experiments by independent groups have supported this theory.

Expanding Expertise

MAX Power’s CEO, Rav Mlait, highlighted that the alliance with Larin enhances their strategy for Natural Hydrogen in the U.S. With additional experts from Canada and the inclusion of Stephan Sejourne, the company is geared towards substantial discoveries in North America.

About MAX Power

MAX Power is an innovative mineral exploration company focusing on North America’s decarbonization efforts. They are a first-mover in the Natural Hydrogen sector with a Strategic Alliance with Chapman Hydrogen & Petroleum Engineering Ltd. and hold properties focused on critical minerals in the U.S. and Canada.

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