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Tantalex Lithium Resources Closes Final Tranche of Private Placement

Tantalex Lithium Resources (TTX) has announced the successful closing of the final tranche of its private placement. This significant milestone is part of the company’s strategic plans to bolster its financial position.

Tantalex Lithium Resources Completes Private Placement

The completion of this private placement marks a critical step for Tantalex Lithium Resources. The company aims to utilize the funds to advance its lithium projects and enhance shareholder value.

Key Details of the Private Placement

According to the announcement, the final tranche was closed on June 28th, 2024, at 4:00 PM EDT. This closing ensures that Tantalex Lithium Resources is well-positioned to achieve its upcoming project milestones.

Future Prospects

With the completion of this private placement, Tantalex Lithium Resources is gearing up for future growth and development. The company remains committed to exploring and expanding its lithium resources.

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