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Global Graphite Market Report 2024: Analysis and Key Player Profiles

Global Graphite Market Report

DUBLIN–(BUSINESS WIRE)–The “Global Graphite Market 2024-2035” report has been added to’s offering.

The Global Graphite Market 2024-2035 is an extensive and in-depth market research report that provides crucial insights into the graphite industry. This comprehensive study offers a detailed analysis of the global graphite market, covering various types of graphite, their applications, market trends, and future projections across multiple industries.

Market Overview

Introduction to graphite, its types (natural and synthetic), and their unique properties.
Different classifications of natural graphite (flake, amorphous, and crystalline vein) and synthetic graphite (primary and secondary).
Processing methods and applications.

Market Size and Growth Projections

Detailed analysis of global graphite production and demand from 2016 to 2035, segmented by graphite type (natural and synthetic) and end-use markets.
Insights into current market dynamics and future growth prospects.

Technology and Innovation

Technologies in graphite production, processing, and application, including advancements in spherical graphite and expandable graphite.
Graphene, its production methods, and potential market impact.
Analysis of different cathode chemistries.

Market Drivers and Challenges

Factors promoting graphite market growth, such as the rise of electric vehicles and renewable energy, as well as challenges hindering market expansion, including supply chain issues and environmental concerns.

Regional Analysis

Comprehensive breakdown of graphite demand by region, with a focus on key markets such as China, Asia-Pacific, North America, Europe, and Brazil. The report provides insights into regional market dynamics, production capacities, and consumption patterns.

End-use Market Analysis

Detailed examination of major graphite applications, including:
– Lithium-ion batteries
– Refractory manufacturing
– Steel production
– Electronics
– Fuel cells
– Nuclear industry
– Lubricants
– Friction materials
– Flame retardants
– Solar and wind energy
Demand forecasts from the EV and ESS markets and from different car types and battery chemistries.

Supply Chain Analysis

Overview of the graphite market supply chain, from mining and processing to end-use applications, highlighting key players at each stage.

Pricing Analysis

Historical and current pricing trends for various graphite types and grades. Price forecasts for graphite.

Competitive Landscape

Profiles of over 100 key players in the graphite industry, including both natural and synthetic graphite producers, covering their production capacities, market focus, and recent developments.

Companies profiled include:

– Black Rock Mining
– Evolution Energy
– GrafTech International
– Gratomic
– Graphite India
– Leading Edge Materials
– NextSource Materials
– Nippon Carbon
– Reflex Advanced Materials Corp.
– Renascor Resources
– SEC Carbon
– SGL Group
– Showa Denko
– Syrah Resources
– Talga Group
– Tirupati Carbon & Graphite
– Tokai Carbon
– Volt Resources

Emerging Trends

Analysis of emerging trends in the graphite market, such as the increasing demand for high-purity graphite in advanced technologies and the growing interest in graphene-based applications.

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