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NMG’s Annual Meeting Highlights Business Strategy Advancements

Nouveau Monde Graphite (NMG, NOU) held its virtual Annual General and Special Meeting of Shareholders, providing updates on key projects.

NMG’s Key Achievements and Business Strategy

The company has secured commercial engagements with Panasonic Energy and General Motors. NMG is preparing for Phase-2 production with its core team assembled and project execution strategy defined.

Project Financing and Construction Ready

NMG is advancing project financing with multiple governmental agencies and strategic investors. Preliminary work ensures readiness for construction once minimum funding is secured.

Zero-Emission Equipment Development

NMG is progressing in developing zero-emission equipment for the Matawinie Mine through agreements with Caterpillar. The collaboration covers fleet, charging infrastructure, and site management.

Shareholder Voting Results

The company’s eight director nominees were reappointed. PricewaterhouseCoopers LLP was appointed as auditor, and the stock option plan ratified.

Directors’ Election Results

Stephanie Anderson: 99.78%
Daniel Buron: 99.76%
Eric Desaulniers: 99.68%
Arne H Frandsen: 99.60%
Jürgen Köhler: 99.48%
Nathalie Pilon: 99.78%
James Scarlett: 99.51%
Andrew Willis: 99.37%

Auditor Appointment Results

Votes in Favor: 99.86%

Stock Option Plan Ratification

Votes in Favor: 98%

Geopolitical Influence on NMG’s Development

Geopolitical tensions between the U.S. and China are enhancing NMG’s market position. China’s restrictions on graphite exports and U.S. limitations on Chinese-sourced components drive demand for NMG’s products.

About Nouveau Monde Graphite

Nouveau Monde Graphite (NMG) is developing a sustainable source of graphite-based active anode material in Québec, Canada. NMG aims to be a leading supplier for lithium-ion battery and EV manufacturers.

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