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NorthWest Copper Achieves 94% Copper Recovery at Lorraine Deposit

NorthWest Copper (TSX-V: NWST) has announced positive metallurgical results from the Lorraine copper-gold-silver deposit in British Columbia. The tests achieved metallurgical recoveries of up to 94% for copper, 71% for gold, and 92% for silver. The metallurgical work was designed by Base Metallurgical Laboratories Ltd. and BOMENCO Minerals Engineering Corp. The samples tested ranged from 19.6 kg to 37.4 kg and were representative of the deposit’s primary material types. The results showed high metal recoveries at a coarse primary grind size of 80% passing 150 microns.

Strong Results from Composite Samples

The metallurgical program tested five composite samples, including one from the Bishop Zone and four from the Lower Main Zone. Copper concentrations in the samples ranged from approximately 0.61% to 1.21%. Flotation tests achieved copper recoveries of 94-98% at a finer grind and 90-99% at a coarse grind.

Recovery Tests Show High Efficiency

Two sets of rougher flotation tests compared typical porphyry and coarse primary grind sizes. Copper recoveries of 94-98% were achieved at the finer grind, whereas the coarse grind recovered 90-99% copper. Overall recoveries for gold ranged from 66-90%, and from 86-97% for silver.

Successful Cleaner Flotation Tests

Cleaner flotation tests enhanced the rougher results, closely simulating concentrate production potential. The tests, performed on material ground to 150 microns, resulted in copper recoveries of up to 94%, gold recoveries of up to 71%, and silver recoveries of up to 92%.

The samples produced concentrates with copper concentrations up to 54%, reflecting hypogene copper sulphide mineralogy. The tests also showed low concentrations of deleterious trace elements in the copper concentrates.

Comminution Tests Confirm Grindability

Bond Ball Mill work indices were measured to assess grindability across five composites. Results ranged from 15.0 kWh/t (average hardness) to 20.3 kWh/t (very hard), consistent with expectations based on core competency and rock mineralogy and texture.

About NorthWest Copper

NorthWest Copper is a copper-gold explorer with a pipeline of advanced and early-stage projects in British Columbia. With a robust portfolio, the company is well-positioned in a strengthening global copper market and is committed to responsible mineral exploration and collaboration with First Nations to ensure best practices and traditional land use.

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