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MAX Power Strategic Alliance with Chapman Hydrogen Targets Natural Hydrogen Discoveries

MAX Power Mining Corp. (CSE: MAXX; OTC: MAXXF; FRANKFURT: 89N) has announced a Strategic Alliance with Chapman Hydrogen and Petroleum Engineering Ltd. to target the first Natural Hydrogen discoveries in Canada.

Strategic Alliance Targets Natural Hydrogen Discoveries

This alliance positions MAX Power as a leader among publicly traded companies in the North American Natural Hydrogen sector. Mr. Denis Brière, Chapman’s VP-Engineering, played a crucial role in the world’s first Natural Hydrogen discovery.

Key Highlights of the Strategic Alliance

  • Identifying, prioritizing, and acquiring the best Natural Hydrogen targets across Canada.
  • Fast-tracking the U.S. strategy for Natural Hydrogen exploration.

Chapman confirmed the first accumulation of Natural Hydrogen gas in Mali, West Africa, which soon provided low-cost, emissions-free electricity for an entire village.

Comments from Industry Leaders

Mr. Brière stated that the existence of Natural Hydrogen gas in the earth’s subsurface could greatly impact the hydrogen sector.

Mr. Charlie Chapman expressed excitement about the strategic alliance with MAX Power, emphasizing Canada’s rich Natural Hydrogen targets based on proprietary knowledge.

Benefits of Natural Hydrogen

  • Natural accumulation under the ground, generated by geological processes.
  • Low carbon intensity with significantly lower emissions compared to manufactured hydrogen.
  • No need for costly technological processes involved in manufactured hydrogen.
  • Potential to replenish perpetually with dynamic flow rates.
  • Environmentally friendly with the purest, greenest hydrogen possible.
  • Produced without external energy or water inputs.
  • No requirement for fracking or hydraulic stimulation.
  • Minimal surface disruption.

More on MAX Power’s Initiatives

MAX Power has been developing an aggressive Natural Hydrogen strategy in the United States and looks forward to future announcements.

CEO Mr. Rav Mlait remarked that this alliance builds on the company’s focus on decarbonization and innovation in North America’s mineral exploration sector.

Additional Company Information

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MAX Power is focused on North America’s shift to decarbonization through its Strategic Alliance with Chapman and holds a portfolio of properties in the U.S. and Canada, including the Willcox Playa Lithium Project in Arizona.

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