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Brunswick Exploration Inc. Expands Lithium Exploration in Quebec and Greenland

Brunswick Exploration Inc. (BRW) has expanded its grassroot exploration portfolio, announcing the discovery of over 215 untested S-type pegmatites across Quebec, Labrador, and now Greenland. This milestone follows the company’s innovative campaign and the promising Mirage Project.

Lithium Exploration Targets in Quebec and Greenland

BRW’s latest exploration identifies new lithium-rich targets, leveraging the minimal current exploration in these regions. The targets, near essential infrastructure, showcase the company’s commitment to a cost-effective grassroot strategy.

Quebec’s Untapped Potential

In Quebec, new claims in James Bay and Nunavik cover extensive areas with identified pegmatites, highlighting underexplored lithium opportunities.

Greenland’s Lithium Prospects

BRW marks its entrance into Greenland with significant pegmatite discoveries near Nuuk and Paamiut, pushing lithium exploration boundaries.

Leadership and Exploration Excellence

Under President and CEO Mr. Killian Charles’s leadership, BRW aims at advancing lithium exploration to meet global market demands, emphasizing the company’s strategic foresight in uncovering high-quality targets.

Qualified geologists Mr. Francois Goulet and Mr. Charles Kodors have endorsed the technical information, ensuring compliance and expertise drive BRW’s exploration endeavors.

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