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EVSX Corp Receives Ontario’s Approval for Battery Recycling Plant

St-Georges Eco-Mining Corp. (CSE:SX)(OTCQB:SXOOF)(FSE:85G1) proudly announces its battery recycling subsidiary, EVSX Corp., has been granted Environmental Compliance Approval by the Ontario Government for its plant in Thorold, Niagara Region. This milestone allows the initial processing of 4,200 tons of alkaline batteries annually, aiming for a substantial manganese/zinc crude blackmass production.

EVSX’s Environmental Compliance Approval Conditions

EVSX must adhere to various terms, including future ownership changes, inspections, data handling, training, and spill management. Crucially, it requires maintaining CAD 110,175 in financial assurance for potential site clean-up needs.

Operating Hours and Waste Management

Operations are restricted to daytime hours, and waste acceptance is explicitly for batteries. The facility is to initiate sorting and processing of waste alkaline batteries exclusively, following rigorous environmental standards to prevent adverse effects.

Storage and Processing Specifications

Waste is to be stored and processed as per stringent guidelines, ensuring indoor activities and timely processing. EVSX champions a setup to support efficient battery recycling, marking a significant advancement in sustainability efforts.

With this approval, EVSX gears up for operational commencement, heralding a new era in battery recycling. Enrico Di Cesare, CEO of EVSX, emphasizes the achievement as a leap towards setting industry benchmarks and fostering eco-friendly advancements.

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