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Sigma Lithium Faces Arbitration Request from LG Energy Solution

Sigma Lithium Corporation (NASDAQ: SGML, BVMF: S2GM34, TSXV: SGML), a top global lithium producer, announced it received an arbitration initiation letter from LG Energy Solution, Ltd. (LG-ES), a subsidiary of LG Group, alleging breach of a 2021 offtake agreement. The International Centre for Dispute Resolution issued the letter on behalf of LG-ES.

About the Arbitration Claim

Sigma Lithium vehemently disagrees with the claims, deeming them baseless, and plans to defend its interests. Though bound by confidentiality, the company will make further comments as legally required.

Continuing Relations with LG Group

Sigma Lithium values its relationship with LG Group, highlighted by a recent visit from LG’s LX International, aiming to foster commercial ties.

Sigma Lithium’s Commitment to Sustainability

Sigma Lithium is committed to producing carbon-neutral, sustainable lithium concentrate, leading the way in environmental and social sustainability in the lithium supply chain for electric vehicle batteries.

The company’s Grota do Cirilo Project in Brazil is operational, emphasizing renewable energy and water recycling. Sigma Lithium is considering expanding its production to meet growing lithium demand.

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