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IberAmerican Lithium CBOE: IBER Partners with Strategic Minerals for Green Metal Asset Consolidation

IberAmerican Lithium Corp. (CBOE: IBER) (OTCQB: IBRLF) has announced a business agreement with Strategic Minerals Europe Corp. and Subco, aiming at consolidating green metal assets.

Details of the Agreement

IberAmerican will acquire all Strategic Minerals’ shares, enhancing its lithium exploration efforts. The partnership reflects a commitment to sustainability and positions IberAmerican as a leader in the green economy.

Transaction Highlights

This strategic move gives shareholders access to essential green metal assets in Spain. It emphasizes an ESG-first approach, leveraging conflict-free properties. A renowned engineering firm will ensure value from Strategic Minerals’ properties, emphasizing the mining-friendly nature of Spain.

To gain shareholder approval, Strategic Minerals plans a special meeting. The completion relies on regulatory approvals and customary closing conditions, with the aim to finalize by June 15, 2024.

About the Companies

IberAmerican Lithium focuses on hard-rock lithium exploration in Spain, aligning with green energy objectives. Strategic Minerals, on the other hand, contributes critical minerals like tin and tantalum/niobium essential for the green economy.

The amalgamation aspires to fortify the sustainable and conflict-free focus within the mining industry, showcasing a promising future for green technology.

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