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Graphano Energy Expands Standard Mine Project with 79 New Mining Claims

Graphano Energy Ltd. (TSXV: GEL) (OTCQB: GELEF) (FSE: 97G0) has announced the staking of 79 additional mining claims at its Standard Mine Project, expanding the total area to 4,265 hectares.

Graphano Announces Expansion of Standard Mine Project

Graphano Energy Ltd. is expanding its Standard Mine Project by 3,923 hectares with 79 new claims on the eastern side. This significant addition grows the total land claims, highlighting the company’s commitment to enhancing resource potential in North America’s sustainable graphite source region.

CEO Comments on the Expansion

Luisa Moreno, CEO of Graphano, revealed the strategic location of the new claims, emphasizing the plan to initiate exploration work to uncover high-grade graphite mineralization. The company aims to bolster its position in supplying graphite for the electric vehicle (EV) industry.

Historical Data and Infrastructure Advantages

The region boasts visible graphite outcrops, slated as prime starting points for exploration. With strong infrastructure including power and forestry roads, the area between the Mousseau Project and Standard offers promising exploration grounds.

About Graphano Energy

Focusing on the development of energy metals for the green and sustainable world, Graphano Energy is at the forefront of supplying graphite for key technologies. Situated near Canada’s only producing graphite mine, its projects are critical for the future’s lithium batteries and energy storage solutions.

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