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Laguna Santa Maria’s High Sodium Carbonate Potential: A Breakthrough for Soda Ash Production

Critical Reagent Processing Corp. (CSE: CRPC) (OTC: GRXXF) (Frankfurt: G0A) reveals promising sodium carbonate potential at the Laguna Santa Maria Soda Ash Project in Salta Province, Argentina, positioning it in the pivotal Lithium Triangle. This discovery could significantly benefit lithium carbonate production, which heavily relies on soda ash.

Soda Ash Project Overview

The Laguna Santa Maria, spanning 260 hectares, shows promise as a salar with potential for ‘in liquid’ soda ash extraction. Recent electromagnetic sounding suggests a target zone rich in soda ash over 280 meters deep, beneath an unsaturated top layer.

Encouraging Sample Results

A site visit yielded multiple samples with high carbonate and sodium values, indicating a potent surface formation. The standout samples, LMS 0-2 and LMS 05, showcased significant concentrations of calcium carbonate, carbonate, bicarbonate, and sodium. These findings suggest the feasibility of soda ash production through brine evaporation.

Future Prospects and Strategic Advantages

With these initial positive results, Critical Reagent Processing Corp looks to further validate the project’s viability through bulk sample chemical evaluation. Situated in a region dense with lithium production, the project offers a strategic advantage by potentially reducing the reliance on soda ash imports for lithium carbonate creation.

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