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TNR Gold Reports Increased Copper Recovery at Los Azules Project

TNR Gold Corp. (TSXV: TNR) has announced an update from McEwen Mining Inc. (NYSE: MUX) (TSX: MUX) on the Los Azules copper, gold, and silver project in San Juan, Argentina. TNR holds a 0.4% net smelter returns royalty on the project, which is developed by McEwen Copper, a McEwen Mining subsidiary.

Improved Copper Recovery Results

Recent metallurgical tests at Los Azules show a 3.2% increase in copper recovery, achieving an average rate of 76.0% over the projected 27-year mine life. This boost in recovery could potentially increase life of mine copper cathode production by 172,000 tonnes.

Phase 1 Testing Highlights

Initial results indicate a significant decrease in net acid consumption by 8.3% compared to previous assessments. Furthermore, the finalized tests for soluble copper recovery were 100%, showcasing the project’s efficiency.

Deposit Mineralogy and Testing

Los Azules’ copper deposit features a mix of secondary copper mineralization and a deeper primary copper zone. The ongoing metallurgical program aims to refine leaching methods and assess the feasibility of the deposit.

Environmental and Project Advancements

McEwen Copper is advancing Los Azules with an emphasis on reducing the environmental footprint. The project aims for carbon neutrality by 2038 and plans to use 100% renewable energy.

About McEwen Copper and TNR Gold

McEwen Copper, partly owned by McEwen Mining, is developing the Los Azules project to feature low water usage, reduced carbon emissions, and innovative technology. TNR Gold, focusing on green energy metals and gold, holds significant interests in Los Azules, among other projects.

TNR is committed to contributing to the clean energy transition through its strategic investments in critical metal supplies.

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