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NMG Closes $50 Million Investment Deal with GM and Panasonic

Nouveau Monde Graphite Inc. (NMG) (NYSE: NMG, TSX.V: NOU) successfully closed its Tranche 1 Investment, receiving an impressive $50 million from industry giants GM and Panasonic. This pivotal development, announced on February 15, 2024, involves 25,000,000 common shares and an equal number of warrants, marking a significant stride in financing the company’s future endeavors.

Significant Milestones Achieved

NMG plans to allocate the Tranche 1 Investment funds to propel the development of its Phase-2 operations, including the Matawinie Mine and the Bécancour Battery Material Plant. These projects are crucial for meeting battery specifications demanded by the industry.

Future Financial Prospects

In addition to this investment, NMG is on track to close another private placement, aiming to raise $37.5 million. This funding will support further advancements in the company’s ambitious projects.

Strategic Advisory and Future Plans

BMO Capital Markets played a crucial role as financial advisor, underscoring the strategic significance of this investment. The company also outlines future plans for its development, including the importance of achieving regulatory approvals.

Ownership and Regulatory Compliance

With this investment, Panasonic ventures into NMG’s landscape, owning a substantial share. The transaction adheres to stringent hold periods and regulatory requirements, ensuring the company’s compliance and strategic growth.

About Nouveau Monde Graphite

NMG is at the forefront of contributing to the sustainable energy revolution, with a focus on developing carbon-neutral battery anode material. Its commitment to ESG standards positions it as a potential key supplier to leading battery and auto manufacturers.

Partnership Highlights

General Motors and Panasonic Energy are pivotal in this venture, bringing forth their expertise and financial support to spearhead innovations in battery technology and sustainable power solutions.

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