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Infinico Metals Corp. (TSXV: INFM) Unveils High Nickel Grades and Expansion at Nicobi Project

Infinico Metals Corp. (TSXV: INFM) has announced significant assay results from its Nicobi Magmatic Nickel Sulphide Project, including a remarkable intersection of 1.37% Nickel over 51.94m. The company’s first drill program at the Nicobi Project, 160 kilometers northeast of Val-d’Or, Quebec, comprised five boreholes totaling 1,167 meters. Notably, one hole uncovered an extension of mineralization 120 meters away, indicating the project’s substantial potential for further discoveries.

Key Highlights from the Nicobi Project

The standout hole, NBI-24-001, delivered an average nickel tenor of 8.2%, peaking at 10.5%, over 51.94 meters. This finding significantly surpasses historical data from the area. Another notable intercept in hole NBI-24-003, with an average nickel tenor of 10.1%, extends the mineralization westward. Hole NBI-24-005’s results underscore the project’s depth potential, revealing mineralization 120 meters from known deposits.

CEO’s Insights on the Findings

Sam Walding, CEO of Infinico, reflected on the exploration success, emphasizing the notable improvement in length and grade compared to previous findings. With these promising results, Infinico aims to further delineate the size and scope of the Nicobi Project through targeted drilling.

Future Exploration Plans

Infinico’s 2024 Phase 1 drill program underscores the Nicobi Project’s potential for significant nickel sulphide discoveries. The company is poised for additional drilling and geophysical surveys to explore the depth and extent of the identified mineralization.

Sampling and Quality Control

Infinico has implemented rigorous quality assurance and control measures for its sampling processes. The samples underwent multi-element analysis, platinum group metals assay, and total sulphur determination, ensuring reliable and accurate results.

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