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TinOne Resources Announces Share Consolidation to Enhance Market Competitiveness

TinOne Resources Inc. (TSXV: TORC) (OTCQB: TORCF) has announced a share consolidation approved by the company’s board of directors. The strategic move aims to increase TinOne’s market flexibility, attracting a broader investor base by making its shares more marketable and improving share market efficiency.

TinOne’s Share Consolidation Details

TinOne plans to consolidate its common shares at a ratio of one post-consolidation share for every ten pre-consolidation shares. This action will reduce the total number of issued and outstanding shares from 86,751,806 to approximately 8,675,181, with adjustments made for rounding. The company will not issue fractional shares. Instead, shares will be rounded down to the nearest whole number for shareholders.

Adjustments and Exchange Instructions Following Consolidation

Shareholders will see their holdings adjusted accordingly, with no issuance of fractional shares or payment for such adjustments. Affected share prices and the number of shares under convertible securities will be proportionately adjusted. Shareholders of record will receive instructions from Odyssey Trust Company for exchanging their shares post-consolidation.

About TinOne Resources

TinOne is a leading miner with a portfolio including tin, tin/tungsten, and lithium projects across Australia’s premier mining jurisdictions. Its projects in Tasmania represent some of the most significant tin districts, backed by the expertise and support of Inventa Capital Corp.

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