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Nouveau Monde Graphite Secures Major Deals with Panasonic and GM, Announces Strategic Investments

Mason Resources Inc. (TSXV: LLG) (OTCQX: MGPHF) celebrates Nouveau Monde Graphite Inc. (NYSE: NMG) (TSXV: NOU) for its significant achievements in securing binding offtake agreements with Panasonic Energy and GM, along with strategic financings.

Nouveau Monde Graphite’s Landmark Partnerships

Nouveau Monde Graphite has announced three major partnerships today, marking a significant milestone in the company’s history. These include binding offtake agreements with leading companies Panasonic Energy and General Motors, and a substantial amount of strategic investment, totaling US$87.5 million.

About Mason Resources Inc.

Mason Resources Inc. is a Canadian investment-focused corporation, holding a 9.25% strategic share in NMG. Mason is the major shareholder in Black Swan Graphene Inc., aiming to produce high-performance, cost-effective graphene at large scales for industrial use.

About Nouveau Monde Graphite

Striving to contribute to the sustainable energy revolution, Nouveau Monde Graphite is developing a carbon-neutral source for battery anode material, with a focus on ESG standards and supply chain transparency.

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