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Fabled Copper Announces Major Corporate Changes and Future Plans

Fabled Copper Corp. (CSE:FABL); (FSE:XZ7) has announced the termination of all option agreements concerning its mining projects and the resignation of key directors and officers.

Termination of Option Agreements

Fabled Copper actively terminated its Muskwa, Bronson, VOLT1, and OHM property agreements due to financial constraints and lack of financing for project advancement. Termination agreements, dated February 12, 2024, free the company from due payments, transferring Muskwa Project claims back to the optionors. Now, Fabled Copper holds no interest in the VOLT1 and OHM Properties, focusing on the VOLT2 Property without immediate work plans. An ongoing review by the board seeks potential options to preserve shareholder value.

Resignation of Directors and Officers

Effective February 9, 2024, Patrick Donovan and Louis Martin resigned as directors, and Eric Tsung stepped down as CFO on February 8. The company appreciates their contributions, with Peter J. Hawley now serving as interim CFO. Efforts are underway to appoint a new director and CFO, in compliance with corporate and securities laws.

About Fabled Copper Corp.

Previously a mining exploration entity, Fabled Copper Corp. is now exploring new opportunities under the leadership of President and CEO, Peter J. Hawley.

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