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Lancaster Resources Gears Up for Crestfield Copper Spin-Off, Announces Key Meeting Dates

Lancaster Resources Inc. (CSE:LCR | OTCQB:LANRF | FRA:6UF0) has received an essential interim order for the spin-off of Nelson Lake, setting the stage for a special shareholder meeting.

Key Meeting Details for Shareholders

The Supreme Court of British Columbia has granted an interim order supporting the proposed spin-off of Nelson Lake Copper Corp via a Plan of Arrangement. Shareholders are called to attend a special meeting on March 15, 2024, to vote on this crucial arrangement.

Shareholder Voting and Arrangement Details

Shareholders on record by February 5, 2024, will decide the fate of the spin-off, with a two-thirds majority needed for approval. Meeting materials will be sent out, providing all necessary information for an informed decision.

About Lancaster Resources Inc.

Lancaster Resources is at the forefront of exploring critical minerals, including its innovative Net-Zero Lithium project at Alkali Flat, New Mexico. The company looks to redefine mineral exploration through sustainable practices.

Contact Information

Penny White, the CEO of Lancaster, is available for further comments and insights into the company’s future endeavors.

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