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Electra Battery Materials Enhances Black Mass Recycling at Ontario Refinery

Electra Battery Materials Corporation (NASDAQ: ELBM; TSX-V: ELBM) today shared exciting updates on its Ontario refinery’s battery materials recycling trial. Recent enhancements have significantly improved the recovery of lithium, nickel, cobalt, and other critical minerals, elevating the quality of their saleable products. With the plant-scale black mass recycling trial nearly complete, the company is finalizing an internal report covering proprietary methodologies, optimizations, and growth scenarios.

Recent Black Mass Optimizations Boost Recovery Rates and Product Quality

Electra has notably enhanced its lithium carbonate product quality, now nearing technical grade, and achieved a 95% manganese recovery rate through strategic reagent use. The company also improved the concentration of nickel and cobalt in its nickel-cobalt mixed hydroxide precipitate (MHP), potentially bettering recycling operations’ economics. Optimization efforts continue, including entirely closed circuit processes that minimize environmental impacts.

Electra’s Black Mass Recycling Trial: A Path to Sustainable Battery Materials

Initiated in late 2022, the trial aims to recover critical minerals from shredded lithium-ion batteries. This initiative could significantly contribute to a greener, more sustainable battery supply chain. Electra has processed 40 tonnes of black mass, with recovery rates for targeted metals improving since the trial’s commencement.

About Electra Battery Materials

Electra focuses on low-carbon, ethically sourced battery materials, developing North America’s only cobalt sulfate refinery and a black mass demonstration plant. The company aims to integrate black mass recycling and nickel sulfate production, enhancing the electric vehicle supply chain in North America.

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