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Patriot Battery Metals Inc. Announces Executive Leadership Changes Ahead of Quebec’s Corvette Project Development

Patriot Battery Metals Inc. (TSXV: PMET) has announced a strategic shift in its leadership to enhance the development of the Corvette Project in Quebec. Starting January 24, 2024, Ken Brinsden will undertake the role of CEO, President, and Managing Director, transitioning from his position as Non-Executive Chair. Concurrently, Pierre Boivin will advance from Non-Executive Director to Non-Executive Chair, and Blair Way will assume the COO position.

Leadership Transition to Strengthen Quebec Presence

The reorganization aligns with the Company’s objective of intensifying its leadership within Quebec, paralleling the Corvette Project’s progression into the development phase. Ken Brinsden brings a wealth of experience to his new role, having previously spearheaded the advancement of Pilbara Minerals into a leading lithium producer.

Blair Way, the incoming COO, asserted that the Quebec build-out is well-timed to support the Corvette Project’s growth. Pierre Boivin, the new Non-Executive Chair, expressed his optimism about the project elevating Quebec’s prominence in the North American and European lithium supply chains.

Brinsden’s Devotion to the Corvette Project

After joining Patriot in August 2022, Brinsden identified the project’s regional significance and has committed to relocating to Quebec. His focus will be on leading the project and engaging with local stakeholders. He also extends his gratitude to Blair Way for his pivotal role in the Company’s advancements.

For further corporate updates or information on Patriot Battery Metals Inc.’s Corvette Project, please contact the Company at +1 (604) 279-8709.

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