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Lithium One Metals Inc. Welcomes New Directors Following AGM

Lithium One Metals Inc. (TSXV: LONE) announced the successful completion of their Annual General Meeting, with shareholders passing all resolutions. Notably, the company welcomed three new directors to its board, enhancing the leadership with diverse experience and expertise.

New Board Members at Lithium One

The addition of Mr. Christopher Cooper, Mr. Drew Zimmerman, and Mr. Ajit Bhatti marks a strategic move for Lithium One as it progresses toward its exploration goals. Each director brings a unique skill set:

Christopher Cooper: Boasting over two decades in business, finance, and corporate development, Mr. Cooper recently contributed to the successful acquisition of Alpha Lithium Corporation. His strategic financial insights are now channeled as the CEO of Spod Lithium Corp.

Drew Zimmerman: As the current CEO of Stallion Uranium, Mr. Zimmerman leverages his international business acumen and his Chartered Financial Analyst status to drive Uranium exploration forward. His insights also benefit other public companies where he serves as a board member.

Ajit Bhatti: A technologist and investor, Mr. Bhatti’s experience oversees major IT and finance projects. His understanding of venture capital investments in varied fields enriches his contribution to Lithium One’s board.

Appreciation for Departing Directors

The company extends gratitude to former directors James Bahen, Nathan Tribble, and Dominic Verdejo for their dedicated service.

About Lithium One

A leader in lithium exploration, Lithium One Metals is committed to discovering the next generation of lithium deposits in Ontario and Québec. Backed by a team of seasoned geologists and prospectors, the company is at the vanguard of the lithium resource industry.

Dale Ginn, President and CEO, leads the company with a focus on strategic development and stakeholder value.

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