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TNR Gold Corp. Shareholders Approve AGM Resolutions, Elect Directors for 2024

TNR Gold Corp. Annual General Meeting Success

TNR Gold Corp. (TSXV: TNR) has announced the successful passing of all resolutions at the annual general and special meeting of shareholders held on January 16, 2024. Shareholders approved the agenda outlined in the information circular for the AGM, re-elected all directors, and approved the Stock Option Plan and Shareholder Rights Plan. The directors for the forthcoming year are Kirill Klip, John Davies, Tobias Higgins, and Konstantin Klip.

About TNR Gold Corp.

TNR Gold Corp. aims to become a leader in green energy metals royalty and gold. The company’s strategy involves the creation of critical supply chains for energy metals like lithium and gold, acting as both a blue-sky discovery leader and a partner with industry-leading operators. With 28 years of experience, TNR’s knowledge and network have elevated projects such as the Mariana Lithium and Los Azules Copper projects in Argentina.

Strategic Royalty Holdings

TNR boasts a 1.5% NSR Royalty on the Mariana Lithium Project in Argentina, with Ganfeng Lithium’s subsidiary, LMA, holding rights to repurchase 1.0% of the NSR. Furthermore, TNR holds a 0.4% NSR on the Los Azules Copper Project and a 7% net profits royalty on Lundin Mining’s Batidero I and II properties of the Josemaria Project.

Gold Exposure and Portfolio Diversification

TNR holds a 90% stake in the Shotgun Gold porphyry project in Alaska, with a strategy to form a partnership with a major mining company. Overall, TNR provides immense gold, copper, silver, and lithium exposure through its Argentine and Alaskan holdings, underscoring its commitment to shareholder value through project diversification.

Contact: Kirill Klip, Executive Chairman, +1 604-229-8129

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