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American Lithium’s Updated PEA on Falchani Showcases Tripled After-tax NPV to $5.11B with 32% IRR

American Lithium Corp. (TSX-V:LI) has announced the updated Preliminary Economic Assessment (PEA) for its Falchani Lithium project in Puno, Peru. The outcome reveals a remarkable surge in the project’s After-tax Net Present Value (NPV8%) to US$5.11 billion, coupled with a robust Internal Rate of Return (IRR) of 32.0%. A low-cost operation with operating expenditures (Opex) anticipated at $5,093 per tonne of Lithium Carbonate Equivalent (LCE) positions Falchani among the next-tier lithium projects globally.

Key Highlights from Falchani’s Lithium Project

Stantec Consulting Services Ltd. and DRA Global’s updated PEA demonstrates heightened economic potential for Falchani with key highlights, such as:
– After-tax NPV8% increase to $5.11 billion
– Robust IRR of 32.0%
– Predicted low Opex of $5,093/t LCE
– Estimated initial capital expenditure (Capex) of $681 million
– Substantial production over a 43-year mine life

Falchani’s Revenue and Cost Projections

The company anticipates significant revenue generation with steady-state annual production of LCE. Additionally, projected financial outcomes suggest additive fiscal benefits through the production of Sulfate of Potash and Cesium Sulfate as by-products.

Strategic Implications for Peru’s Economy

Simon Clarke, CEO of American Lithium, emphasizes not only the robust economic case for lithium production at Falchani but also its strategic value additions for Peru — addressing both energy and agricultural sectors.

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