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Surge Battery Metals Reports Expansion of High-Grade Lithium Mineralization in Nevada

Expansion of High-Grade Lithium Clay Discovery

Surge Battery Metals Inc. has announced a significant extension of high-grade lithium mineralization in its Nevada North Lithium Project. Lithium assays have yielded results up to 5,660 ppm extending the mineralized zone 600 meters west and to greater depths.

Drilling Results Show Extensive Lithium Presence

Step-out drilling has confirmed lateral continuity of high-grade lithium clay horizons. These findings underscore the potential of the mineralized zone that remains open in several directions. Notable results include drill hole NN2307 cutting a 50.3-meter section averaging 2,533 ppm Li and hole NN2310 intersecting 47.7 meters averaging 3,220 ppm Li.

Core Drilling Validates Geological Models

Drill hole NN2311 has added new dimensions to the lithium clay horizons, aligning with previous sonic assays and confirming deeper mineralized zones. The CEO, Greg Reimer, expressed that the drilling results corroborate their geological models and earmark new exploration targets.

Sample Custody and Quality Control

Core samples were processed with thorough quality assurance measures, including insertion of QA/QC samples to ensure reliability. Additionally, drilling samples were split and analyzed to maintain high accuracy standards.

About Surge Battery Metals Inc.

A Canadian-based exploration entity, Surge Battery Metals Inc., is actively involved in exploring lithium in Nevada, focusing on materials essential for electric vehicle batteries. Its primary listing is on the TSX Venture Exchange in Canada.

Nevada North Lithium Project Overview

The Nevada North Lithium Project hosts a strongly mineralized lithium-bearing clay zone. The 2023 season’s drilling program has expanded the scope of the mineralization, increasing the strike length and width of the zone. Ongoing explorations anticipate further extraction of lithium resources.

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