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Nevada Lithium’s Seismic Survey Uncovers Major Fault Zone for Brine Exploration

Nevada Lithium Resources Inc. (CSE: NVLH; OTCQB: NVLHF; FSE: 87K) has announced the completion of a seismic survey at the Bonnie Claire lithium project, revealing a significant north-south fault zone targeted for lithium brine exploration. The survey is part of the 2023 Exploration and Development Plan aiming to advance the lithium resource towards pre-feasibility.

Stephen Rentschler, CEO, stated, “The seismic survey identified a major fault zone, propelling our exploration efforts forward.” He also highlighted the potential for further brine evaluation in untested areas. Conducted by Hasbrouck Geophysics, the survey aligns with methods utilized at Clayton Valley, suggesting a promising exploration model for Bonnie Claire.

The intersection of this north-south fault zone with lithium-rich claystone at Bonnie Claire, similar to the geology of Clayton Valley, offers promising indications for the presence of lithium brines. A comprehensive drilling plan set for 2024 aims to further explore this brine target alongside the ongoing Preliminary Feasibility Study for the sediment-hosted lithium resource.

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