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TETRA Technologies Completes Arkansas Brine Unit Resource Study

TETRA Technologies, Inc. (NYSE:TTI) has completed a comprehensive Technical Resources Study for the Evergreen Brine Unit in Arkansas. The study, finished on January 8, 2024, outlines significant lithium and bromine resources.

TETRA Announces Resource Estimates for Lithium and Bromine

The updated Report categorizes the brine unit’s resources into measured, indicated, and inferred segments, indicating a more substantial resource confidence:
– Elemental bromine: 1,413,000 tons
– Lithium: 137,000 tons, potentially transforming into 729,251 tons of lithium carbonate equivalent (LCE).

Innovative Drilling Increases Resource Confidence

Utilizing fresh data from a recently completed test well and neighboring Standard Lithium wells, enhanced understanding of reservoir characteristics has been achieved. RESPEC Company LLC and Lonquist Engineering provided expertise for this advancement.

Prospects for Production and Economic Analysis

Brady Murphy, TETRA’s President and CEO, expresses enthusiasm about the brine unit’s future, emphasizing the high lithium resource concentration, with an anticipated extensive production lifespan for both lithium and bromine.

Company Overview

The energy services and solutions leader, TETRA Technologies, operates globally, offering a variety of products and services. TETRA is transitioning towards low carbon energy markets, leveraging its chemistry expertise and mineral resources.

The exact details and estimates of the brine resources can be found within the study, advancing the understanding of the site’s potential.

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