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Lithium Royalty Corp’s Year-End Recap: Strong Growth and Exciting Prospects

Lithium Royalty Corp. (TSX: LIRC) proudly reveals their annual progress post-initial public offering in March 2023. Amidst the ups and downs of the lithium market, LRC’s strategic capital deployment led to substantial asset growth. Eight key royalties joined the portfolio in 2023, boosting the company’s capital deployment to historic heights.

The promise of the lithium sector shines with significant M&A activities as LRC continues to tap potential within the electric vehicle and renewable energy industries. LRC’s CEO, Ernie Ortiz, confirms steady growth with four projects declaring preliminary resources and upcoming production launches set for 2024.

Lithium Market Trends
The demand for lithium surged by 27% in 2023, thanks to a 35% spike in global EV sales. As 2024 approaches, lithium needs are forecasted to cross the million-tonne mark, anchored by the automotive and battery storage sectors.

Highlights of 2023
LRC triumphed with multiple project advancements:
Two lithium projects kick-started spodumene concentrate shipments.
The royalty portfolio expanded with eight new acquisitions.
Significant resource updates marked milestones the industry watched closely.

LRC Royalties Up Close
LRC’s diversified portfolio experienced thrilling developments:
Sigma’s Grota do Cirilo project celebrated a royalty payment and high production rates.
Atlas Lithium’s Das Neves project attracts major funding, signaling a bright 2024 production start.
Arcadium Lithium’s James Bay project moves forward with environmental clearance, paving the way for construction.

2023 Operational Advances
LRC’s strategic moves in 2023 fortified its standing. Achievements include impressive acquisitions and insider share purchases, reflecting strong confidence in the company’s direction.

Upcoming Events
Key events LRC anticipates include prestigious industry conferences and the release of Q4 2023 results, setting the stage for engaged stakeholder discussions.

Contact Information
For more details, Investor Relations can be reached at contact number (647) 792-1100.

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