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Li-FT Power Ltd. Welcomes New Board Members and Launches Marketing Initiatives

Li-FT Power Ltd. (TSXV: LIFT) (OTCQX: LIFFF) (Frankfurt: WS0) has announced the addition of Ms. Eva Bellissimo, Mr. Paul Gruner, and Ms. Andree St-Germain to its Board of Directors, starting immediately. Concurrently, the company has acknowledged the resignation and thanks Julie Hajduk and Wanda Cutler for their contributions. Eva Bellissimo, a legal and corporate governance expert, joins LIFT after co-leading the Global Metals & Mining Group at McCarthy Tétrault LLP. Paul Gruner brings extensive leadership experience from renewable energy, mining, and oil & gas sectors, particularly in working with Indigenous business initiatives. Andree St-Germain, CFO of Integra Resources Corp, contributes her expertise in mining finance, M&A, and strategic planning. CEO Francis MacDonald expresses gratitude to Hajduk and Cutler for their foundational roles and welcomes the new members for their diverse expertise that will enhance LIFT‘s strategic development projects.

Marketing Efforts by Li-FT Power Ltd.

LIFT has engaged Native Ads Inc. to execute a digital media marketing campaign to increase the company’s brand awareness in the online investor community. This initiative, backed by a budget of approximately $125,000 USD, includes digital advertising, media buying, and content creation, among other strategies. New Era Publishing Inc. will also collaborate with LIFT to create and distribute marketing content with the goal of expanding market awareness. LIFT‘s marketing strategies are geared towards familiarizing the investing public with their hard rock lithium exploration progress and future plans.

Company Developments

Furthermore, LIFT has granted stock options to its leadership team, employees, and consultants, aligning with the company’s growth strategies. Their flagship Yellowknife Lithium Project reinforces LIFT‘s status as a significant player in North American hard rock lithium exploration. With additional prospects in Quebec and the Cali Project in the Northwest Territories, LIFT is poised for robust exploration activity. Investors and those interested in the company’s progress can contact CEO Francis MacDonald and Investor Relations, Daniel Gordon, for insights into the company’s continuing advancements.

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