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Green Battery Minerals Innovates with Eco-Friendly Graphite Anodes for Lithium-Ion Batteries

Green Battery Minerals Inc. (TSX-V:GEM) and Volt Carbon Technologies Inc. (TSX-V: VCT) have announced successful initial test results for lithium-ion batteries (LIB) using high-grade graphite from the Berkwood deposit.

Eco-Conscious Graphite Anode Production

Volt Carbon has developed coin cells with a graphite anode from Green Battery Mineral’s Zone 6 deposit, showcasing a sustainable and carbon-efficient production process. This innovative approach entirely avoids the use of acid purification, flotation, or carbon coatings.

Faster and Cleaner Battery Material Process

The dry processing method used has not only streamlined the timeline to under 4 months but also enhanced the Environmental, Social, and Governance (ESG) score of the end product. With a commitment to a reduced carbon footprint, the companies present this as a considerable advancement in LIB technology.

High-Performance Results in Battery Testing

Initial tests at the Scarborough facility reported a total carbon content of 98.4% in the super jumbo flake graphite concentrate. Moreover, coin cell testing achieved a capacity of 344mAh/g, rivaling commercial anodes and setting the stage for future enhancements.

Proven Mineral Resource Estimates

The Berkwood Graphite Project boasts significant resources, with in-pit constrained resources indicating 1.76 million tonnes at 17.00% Cgr. This positions Green Battery Minerals at the forefront of North American graphite development.

Commitment to North American Graphite Supply Chain

Volt Carbon is focused on refining eco-friendly methods to convert Green Battery’s materials into LIB anodes, signaling a move towards independence in the regional supply chain for battery materials.

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