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MAX Power Mining Commences Lithium Drilling in Willcox, Arizona

Lithium Drilling Begins at Willcox Playa

MAX Power Mining Corp (CSE: MAXX) has launched Phase 1 drilling at the Willcox Playa Lithium Project, leveraging historical data and recent geophysics to pursue a significant lithium discovery. With proprietary access, MAX Power targets up to 1,600-metre thick claystone sequences and potential lithium-brine traps.

Lithium Targets and Geophysics Insights

Significant resistivity low anomalies suggest extensive clay-rich sediments, potential lithium-bearing targets reaching at least 600 metres beneath the surface. A series of inferred sub-vertical structures could serve as focal points for lithium concentration, similar to known lithium-rich formations.

Historical Data Fuels Exploration

Historical investigations underscore Willcox Playa’s prospectivity, with illite and montmorillonite clays being primary contributors. MAX Power’s study of these materials foretells a promising lithium harvest within the project’s span.

Technical Approval and Company Prospects

Thomas Clarke, P.Geo., has approved the dissemination of this technical information in accordance with National Instrument 43-101 standards. MAX Power stands poised for advancements in North America’s renewable energy landscape.

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