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Neometals Achieves 97% Impurity Removal in Lithium Purification Trial

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Neometals Ltd (RRSSF) has announced the successful completion of the purification phase in its lithium chemical pilot trial. The company reported that the test work confirmed the removal of over 97% of impurities from the brine feed source, aligning with earlier bench-scale results. This achievement marks a significant milestone for the production of a purified brine solution, meeting the stringent specifications for the subsequent electrolysis stage in the ELi process.

The ELi technology, in which Neometals holds a 70% stake, is designed to purify lithium chloride to the high purity levels necessary for electrolysis trials. The process involves two main stages: brine purification and electrolysis, where electricity is used to produce lithium hydroxide and/or lithium carbonate.

The pilot trials have garnered support through co-funding from Bondalti Group, the leading chlor-alkali chemical producer in Portugal. Additionally, negotiations are underway for a new co-operation agreement to establish a demonstration plant in Portugal. Despite the positive trial outcomes, Neometals shares experienced a 3.5% decline, trading at 14.00 pence each in London on Friday afternoon.

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