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Critical Elements Lithium Secures Dewatering Exemption for Rose Lithium-Tantalum Project

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Critical Elements Lithium Corporation (TSX-V:CRE)(OTCQX:CRECF)(FSE:F12) (“Critical Elements” or the “Corporation”) has announced the acquisition of an exemption order from Transport Canada. This exemption allows the Corporation to dewater 28 navigable waters around the future open pit mine site for the Rose Lithium-Tantalum project.

The Canadian Navigable Waters Act (CNWA) typically prohibits actions like dewatering that extinguish navigation for vessels. However, following a detailed review, Transport Canada concluded that it would be in the public interest to permit the dewatering, thus making navigation impracticable in the 28 waters.

Despite the dewatering, mitigation measures have been implemented to protect Indigenous trapping rights. Furthermore, the mining project is expected to create 580 jobs in an area with a population of only 760, significantly benefiting the local economy. The project will also contribute to the production of zero-emission vehicles (ZEV).

Jean-Sébastien Lavallée, Corporation’s CEO, sees this as a step towards the development of the Rose Lithium-Tantalum Project. He believes the accepted mitigation measures will minimize the impact on the environment and local communities, particularly the Cree Nation of Eastmain.

Critical Elements aims to become a large, responsible lithium supplier for the growing electric vehicle and energy storage system industries. The Rose Lithium-Tantalum project in Québec is the Corporation’s first lithium project to be advanced within a land portfolio of over 1,050 km. The project has received approval from various federal and provincial authorities.

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