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Beyond Tesla: 3 Lithium Stocks To Fuel the Electric Vehicle Boom You Should Know About

The electric vehicle (EV) market has experienced remarkable growth in recent years, with industry giants like Tesla grabbing the lion’s share of the spotlight. However, behind the scenes, a multitude of lesser-known junior miners are working tirelessly to be able to supply the critical raw material that powers these cutting-edge vehicles: lithium.

Lithium-ion batteries have become the energy storage solution of choice for EVs due to their high energy density, lightweight nature, and impressive performance. As the EV market continues to expand, the demand for lithium is skyrocketing, opening up opportunities for savvy investors to capitalize on this growing trend.

In this article, we will shine a light on three lithium stocks that could make significant contributions to the electric vehicle boom, yet remain largely undiscovered by the mainstream Tesla investment community.

Join us as we journey beyond the headlines and delve into the world of these lesser-known lithium stocks, each with the potential to make a lasting impact on the electric vehicle landscape and provide investors with exciting opportunities for growth.

Patriot Battery Metals Inc.

Patriot Battery Metals Inc. is a hard-rock lithium exploration company that is focused on advancing its district-scale 100% owned Corvette Property located in the Eeyou Istchee James Bay region of Quebec, Canada. The Corvette Property is one of the largest and highest-grade hard rock lithium projects being explored, with over 50 kilometers of strike length over a 214 square kilometer land package and more than 70 lithium-bearing pegmatite outcrops identified to date.

Recent Drilling Program Results

In a recent news release, Patriot Battery Metals announced the results of its drilling program at the CV5 Pegmatite on the Corvette Property. The drilling program successfully extended the high-grade Nova Zone, with significant lithium oxide (Li2O) grades encountered. The best result was a drill intersection of 122.6 meters at 1.89% Li2O, which included a higher-grade section of 8.1 meters at 5.01% Li2O. The drilling results confirmed the continuity of the pegmatite body at depth and along strike, with the Nova Zone remaining open in all directions. The company is planning further drilling to continue to define and expand the Nova Zone.

Executive Team Expansion

Patriot Battery Metals has also announced the appointment of Greg Barfoot, BEng, Meng, MBA to the position of Vice President Project Development. Mr. Barfoot is an experienced project management professional with an extensive international background in all phases of project development. His expertise includes management of diverse projects of up to $6.5 billion in total invested capital across a variety of commodities, locations, and technical challenges. Over the past 25 years, Mr. Barfoot has held senior project development roles with BHP, SNC Lavalin, and Fluor.


With the successful drilling results and the addition of Greg Barfoot to the executive team, Patriot Battery Metals is well-positioned to advance the development of the Corvette Property and solidify its position as a leading lithium exploration company in the region.

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Lithium South Development Corporation

Lithium South Development Corporation, a lithium developer primarily focused on the Hombre Muerto North Lithium Project in Salta, Argentina, has recently made significant strides in its resource expansion drilling program. The company owns 100% of the Hombre Muerto North Lithium Project, which is located in the heart of the lithium triangle, a region known for its rich lithium reserves.

Recent Drilling Program Results

In a recent news release dated May 16, 2023, Lithium South announced the final results of its drilling program at the 5,687-hectare HMN Li Project. The program consisted of eight core holes, seven of which were located on the Alba Sabrina claim block and one on the Natalia Maria claim block. This drilling program, combined with the previously drilled Tramo claim block, has allowed the company to evaluate 70% of the owned salar surface area.

The results from the Alba Sabrina drill program showed an average lithium concentration of 692 mg/liter, while the Natalia Maria core hole returned an average of 1176 mg/liter lithium. These results were overseen by Dr. Mark King of Groundwater Insight and were completed by Alex Stewart Laboratories.

Current and Future Developments

Currently, Lithium South is drilling five shallow monitoring wells on the Tramo property to monitor groundwater levels in the salar and to support future pumping tests. Three of these wells have been completed, and the remaining wells are expected to be completed by the third week of May. The company also plans to drill three pumping wells and conduct pumping tests at each well. The data obtained from these tests will be used to assess hydrogeological parameters within the salar and to support future reserve estimation.

In addition to these developments, Lithium South is planning a third exploration campaign to drill Gaston Enrique, Via Monte, and Norma Edith. The company is committed to responsible and sustainable exploration and development and is transitioning from being a lithium explorer to becoming a lithium developer.


With the Hombre Muerto North deposit yielding impressive results, Lithium South Development is looking forward to expanding its resource estimation and solidifying its position as a leading lithium exploration company in the region.

Lithium South (TSX-V: LIS | OTCQB: LISMF) | Lithium Development Corporation, Salta Argentina

Lake Resources NL

Lake Resources NL (ASX: LKE; OTC: LLKKF) is a clean lithium developer utilizing state-of-the-art ion exchange extraction technology for the production of high purity lithium. The company’s flagship project is the Kachi Project in Catamarca Province within the Lithium Triangle in Argentina.

Major Milestone for Project Kachi

In a recent announcement, Lake Resources and its direct lithium extraction technology partner, Lilac Solutions, reported the production of 2,500kg of lithium carbonate equivalents (LCE) at Project Kachi. This achievement marks a significant milestone, transitioning the project from its pilot phase into commercial-scale development. It is set to become the first lithium brine project in South America to produce lithium at commercial scale without the use of evaporation ponds for lithium concentration.

Key Highlights

  • The project successfully implemented ion exchange for lithium production in South America, home to most of the world’s lithium brine resources.
  • The 2,500 kg of LCEs was extracted at Kachi with 80% lithium recovery, 90% plant uptime, 1,000x less land compared with evaporation ponds, and 10x less water compared with conventional aluminum-based absorbents.
  • The plant was commissioned on-site in under a month, more than 10x faster than conventional processes, and immediately began continuous production of lithium chloride.
  • The lithium chloride being produced is low in impurities, enabling efficient production of high-purity lithium carbonate for battery manufacturers.
  • An independent engineer has visited the plant and analyzed more than one hundred samples from across the plant to validate performance and confirm consistency with engineering work.


The achievement at Project Kachi represents a historic advancement in lithium production technology. This success underlines the commercial viability of operations at Project Kachi and sets a new standard for lithium production in South America. With this milestone, Lake Resources NL continues to demonstrate its commitment to sustainable and responsible mining practices.

Lake Resources – Lake Resources
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